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Cool action in the children's room: In this KOSMOS experiment set, a rocket base becomes an experiment station for fascinating bubbling effects! To do this, fill the rocket base with oil and colored water according to the instructions and add an effervescent tablet to the mixture - the fun can begin! In the leaflet, little researchers can find out how bubbling bubbles are created, why they rise and fall and how the great color effects are created. Incidentally, this also works in the dark! To do this, connect the LED lamp and the glowing blubber rocket turns into an ingenious lava lamp! The experiments can be repeated as often as the children want. Just watch the bubbles and be amazed at the shining wonder! The perfect gift for children aged 8 and over with guaranteed fun. 

Contents: Instructions, rocket lamp consisting of rocket stand, rocket cup and funnel tip, the LED lamp for docking, as well as other experimental materials such as pipette, measuring beaker, spatula, coloring tablets

You also need: 1.5 volt battery (type LR03, AAA), cooking oil, fizzy tablets, washing-up liquid and other common household materials

- Ages: 8 - 12
- Create fascinating bubble effects in a rocket base!
- Simply follow the instructions, fill the right mixture of colored water, oil and effervescent tablet into the rocket station and off you go.
- Wild bubbles rise and fall - but why? The secret lies in physics, which the instructions explain to curious researcher children in a clear and age-appropriate manner.
- The LED lamp creates great color effects that even glow in the dark. The rocket quickly becomes a small lava lamp.  

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