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National Geographic Kids Brain Candy 3

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Product Description:

Get a sugar rush from some more seriously sweet facts on all kinds of topics to boost your brainpower in this third delectable Brain Candy book.

Elephants have thick skin, but just how thick? Turns out it's 50 times thicker than human skin and can add as much as 900kg to the weight of this massive animal!

Earth's smaller animals offer some sweet surprises, too. Hop on a honeybee to discover just how hardworking these fast-flying insects are. They beat their wings 200 times a second as they fly about. And no wonder they're so busy-they need to pollinate two million flowers to make just one pound (.45 kg) of honey.

Brain Candy books take a novel approach to learning by serving up an appetising assortment of facts and numbers, then diving deeper into each topic.

Like learning cool facts and how they're connected to the bigger picture? Treat yourself to a little Brain Candy! Sure to be an addictive addition to the bookshelves of Weird But True! and Just Joking fans and curious kids everywhere.

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Product Details:

Publisher: National Geographic Kids

ISBN: 9781426372506  

Format: Paperback

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