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NG Kids Top Secret! How To Be A Spy

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Product Description:

PSSST. Want to know a secret? How about a few hundred of them? Here's a collection of the world's most classified cases, top-secret truths, and cryptic curiosities you could ever hope to get your fingerprints on! Oh, didn't realise you were leaving behind a trail of evidence? You will, after you read this book! In fact, you'll know all the tricks of the spy trade, get the scoop behind sleuthing, and discover all kinds of skills, like how ninjas walked on water. You'll read about cold cases and hidden places, cool disguises and wicked surprises, menacing mysteries, undiscovered histories, and so much more! From the world's most elite spy agencies to the coolest spy gadgets of today and the most spine-tingling conspiracies and covert cover-ups ever, this book is jam-packed with everything that's allowed to be revealed. You'll get to take a crack at codes that leave even the world's most elite code breakers totally stumped, get behind-the-scenes access to how movie magic really happens, take a sneak peek at the world's most covert recipes, unravel the tricks magicians use to astonish their audiences, and get up close with the world's most mysterious places. With tongue-in-cheek "How to Be a Spy" activities, you and your friends will get to put your budding spy skills to the test. And when you're all done... don't forget to wipe this book for prints and store it safely with your secret stash. After all, you don't want it falling into the wrong hands!

Product Details:

Publisher: National Geographic Kids

ISBN: 9781426339127

Format: Hardcover

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