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Two men came to King Solomon that the pickaxe borrowed by one of them had been eaten by caterpillars. Kancil is called to be a judge. Then he went to the river to bathe you. When it came ashore, Kancil rolled in the dust. Then it was said to King Solomon, the water of the river was burning. Fearing the palace would also burn, he rolled over to put out the fire. They don't believe in Kancil's story. Then, Kancil also alluded that the pickaxe eaten by caterpillars could not be trusted because it was impossible. The merchant demanded that two orphans living next door pay him a total of 1,000 gold coins. While these two orphans never ate anything from the Merchant's house. Judge Sang Kancil only paid him with the tinkling of a gold coin dropped to the floor 1,000 times.

Product Details:

Publisher: Institut Terjemahan & Buku Malaysia

ISBN: 9789674600235

Format: Paperback

Language : Malay

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