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A Twig (by definition in the Oxford Dictionary) is a “slender woody shoot growing from a branch or stem of a tree or shrub”.

Inspired by this very notion of a growing twig that forms from a strong and solid tree, we aspire to nurture young children by providing them with quality books and educational products that are specially curated for the development of their early formative years. We believe that by equipping them with the right knowledge and attitude from a young age, they will be able to grow in stature and contribute back to society in a positive way. 

It is with this in mind that we advocate reading to a child in their early years so that they can cultivate a good reading habit at a young age. We specialise in curating a wide selection of children's books that is suited for different age groups, starting from as early as 2 years old. Aside from that we also actively source from our network of reputable partners to offer a wide range of educational products that helps to build a child's creative and mental development.

As an independent bookshop, our team works tirelessly to ensure that we constantly update and refresh our product offerings regularly. Apart from books, we also cater our offerings to non-book lovers, so whether you are looking for a unique gift for that special someone or just stocking up on your daily stationery needs, we'll make sure that we have your needs covered. 

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